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Natural Gemstones and Jewelry   

Specializing in only Natural gemstones from around the world. Discount pricing on Mexican Fire, Australian, Peruvian, Honduran Opals, USA old mined opals and one of a kind specimens. 

Large selection of Moonstones, Labradorite, Peridot, Garnets, Tanzanites, Tsavorite, Amethyst, Black-Star Sapphires, Natural Tourmaline, Chrome Tourmaline, Rubies,Topaz, Pryope Garnet, Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald and much more.

Cut Gemstones are 100% Natural and sold by the piece and shipping and handling is 3.95 for as many items you like. Great selection of Facet and cabbing rough.  Rough Gemstones sold by the gram or carat.

One business Day Shipping And Processing. US Seller.

Serving the internet community since 1998 selling only 100% Natural gemstones from around the World.

WE SHIP WORLD WIDE. Shipping and Handling rates for Gemstones is a flat 3.95 US

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